State-of-the-Art Construction Cost Estimation Software

At Zaxon, Inc., we know that when it comes to accuracy in cost estimating and scheduling, it is crucial to stay in the forefront of technology of construction cost estimating software and construction scheduling software combined with RS Means Costworks real-time data. We utilize the latest construction cost estimation software to provide our clients with the most detailed and accurate construction project cost estimating and scheduling reports.

In today’s fast changing construction cost market, design changes or modifications must be made quickly to keep pace with rapidly moving schedules and cost. Similarly, in today’s economy prices change like the wind. Today, using real-time material and labor cost data by using the latest labor and material database like RS Means Costworks software combined with the latest construction cost estimating software is the only way to have the accurate cost estimates and project schedule you need to deliver your project on time and on budget without sacrificing design.

We use following construction cost estimation software and scheduling software:

  • PACES construction cost estimating software

  • SUCCESS   construction cost estimating software

  • MII construction cost estimation software

  • MCASES construction cost estimation software

  • PRIMAVERA – construction scheduling software

  • Microsoft Project – construction scheduling software

  • PLANSWIFT E-TAKEOFF – construction cost estimating software 

  • RS MEANS COSTWORKS  – RS Means Costworks is the most complete up-to-date material and labor database. 

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