Zaxon’s Better Construction Schedule

Estimating construction project sequencing and delivery time accurately is crucial for any construction project in today’s economy to be delivered on time and within budget. Zaxon provides pre-construction scheduling, on-going construction scheduling, and post-construction scheduling services.

Our experienced schedulers are trained to meet any construction project schedule need, including preliminary schedule development and cost-loaded construction project schedules for more accurate construction scheduling. Zaxon’s project schedulers also handle ongoing construction schedule review and progress assessment. With over 34 years of proven construction scheduling experience you will have the assurance that your Zaxon prepared construction schedule will be accurate and effective for managing time, resources and money.

Zaxon’s Better Construction Project Scheduling Video

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The Zaxon Construction Project Schedule Difference

At Zaxon, Inc., we have taken the initiative to create a more accurate cost-based construction schedule. Historically, all Zaxon estimates are construction schedule compliant. This is an exceptional characteristic for cost estimating that Zaxon developed while meeting the demand of accuracy for the Savanah District Cost Engineer Group of the US Army Corp of Engineers (USACE).  

Typically, most construction schedules are produced without the benefit of a cost estimate and often require others to tediously plug in costs to activities. As a result, cost-loading is usually ignored in the typical construction project schedule. What is even worse about this process is that scheduling first and applying cost later is analogous to placing the cart before the horse, which leads to errors, poor planning and omitted activities. At Zaxon, the construction project schedule preparation begins with the cost estimate, which is broken up into scheduling activities with the respective labor and material costs. This makes it easy for the labor hours in the estimate to become the basis for activity durations in the construction project schedule.  This method is very reliable for developing a highly accurate construction schedule designed to keep projects on time and on budget. This scientific construction scheduling and estimating method is unique to Zaxon and gives us one of the best records for cost estimating accuracy in the industry. 

At Zaxon, we believe that an accurate construction project schedule is essential today for avoiding the headaches and costs of change orders, reallocation of project funds, and redesigns. Call us today at 817-551-7772 to find out how Zaxon’s better construction scheduling will help you avoid the headaches and costs of typical construction project pitfalls.