FY’12 Munitions Storage Facility McGuire AFB, NJ

Frankfurt Short Bruza


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In 2009 this facility became a conglomeration of the United States Air Force’s McGuire Air Force Base, New Jersey, the United States Army’s Fort Dix, New Jersey and the United States Navy’s Naval Air Engineering Station Lakehurst, New Jersey. Because of changes that came about from joining these facilities, Zaxon was asked by Frankfurt Short Bruza to provide design phase construction estimates for the US Army Corp of Engineers for several changes and additions to the Munitions storage facility of this combined New Jersey military facility. Our cost estimating project included all the infrastructural development of the site including, the onstruction of 21 Munitions Storage Facilities. Igloos and of one Munitions Maintenance Administration Facility, as well as one addition to the Munitions Maintenance Shop with a supporting loop roadway. This cost estimate these additions and changes to McGuire AFB, NJ also included in 3.5% for LEED & Sustainable Design Requirements. The total estimated cost of this New Jersey military base was $18,657,057.

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