The Better Solution for Estimating Construction Cost —The Zaxon Solution! 

Estimating construction costs entails reviewing every component and phase of a project with the utmost attention to detail. Estimating construction costs diligently and accurately is one of the most important steps to any project.  Yet estimating construction costs accurately with a thorough schedule of values is often the most neglected project step, often leading to disastrous results. In fact, project time and cost are underestimated more often than not. Consequently, as a project progresses, money is often taken from part of a project to finish another part and the design suffers. Even worse, additional costs of labor and changes are added to an already maxed out budget and nobody is happy, especially the owner. There is a much better solution. Using real world data and 21st century technology combined with proven cost estimators will have the opposite effect—an effective schedule of values, happy clients, unaltered designs and projects that are on time and on budget. This is the Zaxon solution!

Zaxon’s cost estimators prepare cost estimates for all stages of design.  Our cost estimating services include but are not limited to the following: budget preparation; contractor negotiations; contractor bid evaluation; change order estimates; QA/QC constructability review; schedule of values and value analysis.  Our portfolio for estimating construction costs ranges from smaller residential projects to multi-million dollar commercial and government projects.


Zaxon’s Better Cost Estimating Methodology Video. 

Take a few minutes to watch our cost estimating video to learn how Zaxon achieves one of the highest levels of cost estimating accuracy in the industry by clicking here.


Avoid construction problems and added expenses. 

To ensure the best outcome for your construction project, make sure that you have well trained and fully experienced cost estimators You need cost estimators who excel at every stage and for every discipline of your project. Our experienced construction cost estimators provide the sharp attention to detail and a partnership you can count on throughout every project phase.  In addition, Zaxon’s cost estimators possess the engineering and construction knowledge necessary to provide real-world, cost-effective solutions to estimating construction costs.  Zaxon’s cost estimators help combat the everyday challenges owners, contractors, engineers, and architects face during the construction process when their budget preparation and schedule of values and consequently their project schedule is off. From the initial concept to project closeout, we assist our clients with cost management and construction scheduling solutions that help avoid problems and extra expenses.

Let Zaxon help you not to miss out on opportunities or lose money and time with a mediocre cost estimate, bid evaluations, schedule of values or change order estimate. Call Zaxon’s cost estimators today at 817-551-7772 or contact us. Find out how an improved process for estimating construction costs combined with cost estimating expertise and the latest technology can help you grow your business and avoid pitfalls and headaches.